Client Instructional Videos

The Centre of Forensic Sciences delivers over 120 client-focused training events per year. We are also working to modernize client training service delivery through instructional and education videos for client reference. Our objective is to help improve quality of submissions to CFS, resulting in efficiencies and improved service.


Effective November 14, 2022 subpoenas for all CFS scientists should be submitted electronically to

Annual Report 2021

The Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) is proud to announce the release of the 2021 CFS Annual Report. This report highlights CFS’ accomplishments in the 2021 calendar year, celebrates 70 years of service and outlines notable cases that the CFS worked on which supports the administration of justice in Ontario.

2021 Client Satisfaction Survey

The CFS has measured client satisfaction annually since 2000. The client survey is used to evaluate the performance of the CFS against the organizational commitment to provide high quality forensic laboratory services in support of the administration of justice and public safety programs for all Ontarians.

Science for Justice

Ontario's Centre of Forensic Sciences is one of the most extensive forensic science facilities in North America. It conducts scientific investigations in cases involving injury or death for crimes against persons or property.

Forensic examination and analysis are conducted in the following areas.

CFS Biology Section


Body fluid identification and/or DNA profiling in cases involving crimes against persons and property as well as in cases of unidentified human remains.

CFS Chemistry Section


Provide chemical analysis and physical comparisons of many different types of materials and trace evidence.

CFS Documents Section


Examine documents to determine whether they are authentic or if they have been altered, and to determine how they relate to a person, thing, event or time.

CFS Physical Sciences Section


Examine firearms, ammunition, target surfaces and related evidence found at crime scenes and during search warrants.

CFS Toxicology Section


Analysis of body tissues and fluids for the presence of drugs including alcohol in support of medico-legal death investigations and criminal investigations.

CFS Research and Development

Research and Development

Ensuring cutting edge forensic science is used to deliver services to official investigative agencies and to advance the discipline.

Looking to for more information on collecting or submitting evidence to the Centre of Forensic Sciences? Please visit the evidence page.

Client Resources


Educational services for law enforcement officers, staff of justice organizations, and forensic science stakeholders.

Collection Kits & Supplies

Order form for evidence collection kits and supplies.

Technical Information Sheets

Information documents to assist customers in understanding CFS reports.

Investigator's Handbook

Overview of the collection and packaging requirements for items being submitted to the Centre of Forensic Sciences.

Research and Development

Ensuring cutting edge forensic science is used to deliver services to official investigative agencies and to advance the discipline.


Resources for student education, volunteering, internships, co-ops, and employment at the CFS.

ANAB Accreditation

ANAB Accreditation

The Centre of Forensic Sciences is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board. The laboratory has been accredited since 1993. Refer to certificate FT-0124.