Student Education

The Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) supports the education of students who are completing undergraduate or graduate degrees who are required to complete a research project as a component of their program. The process begins with the student’s supervisor entering into a research partnership with the CFS as described in the Research and Development webpage. Students are encouraged to bring research ideas forward to their professor or graduate supervisor, but applications for research partnerships must be initiated by the professor.

Volunteer, internship or co-op students

The CFS does participate in the “Summer Employment Opportunities” program. However, these work experiences are limited to administrative positions as security issues and operational realities prevent us from accepting volunteer, internship or co-op students in any of the operational sections at the laboratory. Students cannot be involved in our casework.

Employment at the CFS

Job postings are advertised Ontario public service careers website. The the site also includes a job archive page that you can review for old job competitions. When searching for jobs at the CFS please select the “Science and Engineering” job category.