The Centre of Forensic Sciences is one of the most extensive forensic science facilities in North America. The roots of the Centre are in the creation of the Attorney General’s Laboratory in 1951, renamed The Centre of Forensic Sciences (CFS) in 1966 and is located in Toronto, Ontario.

In 1986, as part of the Northern Initiative Program, the Ontario Government approved the establishment of the first regional forensic science laboratory, the Northern Regional Forensic Laboratory (NRFL), which is located in Sault Ste. Marie, which became operational in July 1992.

Following the accreditation of the Centre of Forensic Sciences in Toronto in 1993, the desire to standardize testing and quality management and to unite the forensic teams in both sites eventually resulted in a recommendation in 1997 of the one-lab, two-locations philosophy. It was at that time that NRFL became the Northern Regional Laboratory of the Centre of Forensic Sciences.

Over the subsequent 20 years, significant transitions affected both laboratories, and the people who worked in them. However, what remained unabated was the desire to continue strengthening the relationship between facilities, to maximize the talents and capability of staff and technology, and the drive for high quality, timely forensic science for our customers.

Effective April 2019, Centre of Forensics Sciences is the sole identifier for both locations, which will be distinguished by facility addresses only.

The two laboratories conduct scientific investigations in cases involving injury or death in unusual circumstances and in crimes against persons or property. Highly specialized forensic examination and analysis are conducted in the following areas:

We are dedicated to the safety of Ontario’s communities and to supporting justice by providing timely and high quality forensic science services. We will drive innovation across the organization and deliver forensic science services that anticipate the needs of public safety.